"Chickenesque" by Tommy Kovac (pencil sketch)
"The Shining" by Tommy Kovac (colored pencil on cheap-ass sketchbook paper.)


Wow, this is AWESOME. Very funny.

(Source: ratak-monodosico, via exhibition-ism)

"Ghoulish Girl" pencil sketch by me, Tommy Kovac. Just because. Halloween is right around the corner, you know.
"Abortion Is the New Black"

Library slogan art for round pin-back buttons/badges. “ASK ME WHAT TO READ,” and “LIBRARY TECHS RULE!” (by me, Tommy Kovac)

"BOOKS ARE MY BEST FRIENDS!" illustration, pink heart version and blue heart version. (By me, Tommy Kovac)

Canvas in progress…
Sketch by Tommy Kovac (me!)

LIBRARIANS BEHAVING BADLY (from my “Smells Like Library” blog)