SMELLS LIKE LIBRARY turned 1 today!
It’s, like, a mutant or something. Rainy day sketch. Whatevs.

WEIRDLING WOODS reversible story booklet with map

SMELLS LIKE LIBRARY Collected Comics Vol.1

Library-themed comics collected from my library-themed blog! :)

Puppet with legs projectile vomiting. Another doodle drawn in the doctor’s waiting room, although this doodle really has nothing to do with that. ;)

Doctor’s Waiting Room Doodles by Tommy Kovac

"D.I.Y." featuring Susie Belle Smugbottom, from SMELLS LIKE LIBRARY by Tommy Kovac
Issue 15 cover of “Man Myth & Magic illustrated encyclopedia of the supernatural.” Are they supernatural kitties? I dunno, because I only have the cover of this vintage journal from 1970.
"Susie Belle Smugbottom"
Grotesque Self-Portrait (by Tommy Kovac)